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  • Zedd

    *Personality Traits:* -Always wants to know how things work and what makes people tick. - *Ideals:* -Freedom *Bonds:* -Revenge against those who destroyed place of employment. *Flaws:* -Never satisfied with what he has.

  • Vatnsdasfjall

    *Personality Traits:* -Does not care about manners or wealth. - *Ideals:* -The Greater Good *Bonds:* -Grow the tribe. *Flaws:* -Remember every insult and nurse silent resentment.

  • Feargus

    *Personality Traits:* -Works hard to play hard when work is done. - *Ideals:* -Dedicated to crew-mates over ideals. *Bonds:* -Always will remember first ship. *Flaws:* -Can't help but pocket loose coins and other trinkets.

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